IDM CC Firefox Addon for Firefox 7 and 8.

29 Sep 2011

Update: I have moved IDM cc Firefox installation instructions and to a brand new web site! Checkout: IDMcc for Firefox update


Thanks for IDM CC


link is not working.....update it....

Link is working. thanks

very good , thanks :)

working very well. thanks.

very good thanks very much good luck

wow i was worried about my IDM & Firefox not working correctly but Thanks to you for providing me this add-on really thnks

It does not work on 8.0

Thanks Ali. Just updated the link to a working one.

Thanks for providing the add-on. Will try on this!!

thanks buddy.accept my thanks and congratulations from you Sirilankans

Does not works in 8 :(

Worked on a Windows XP and Windows 7 PC with latest stable Firefox 8 version. Did you install it after extracting .zip file ?

Thanks a lot for this ^^

Hey! Thanks for the plugin. I searched it worldwide... last i got here

Hey thanks it is working wow

TY for the plugin.
Worked on Firefox 8 (W7x64)

thank you.
it's work on firefox8.

Thanks alot bro!

thanx man... worx gr8..........

بارك الله فيك شغال على فاير فوكس 8 100/100

It's working well with Firefox 8...
thanks a lot

It still does not work on 8.0.1

I'm using FF 9 latest beta channel and works fine with it. Worked with FF8, and many users said it worked with FF.
Just to make sure, did you extract the ZIP file and install it in add-ons manager(using the gear button) ?

Hi.. thanks.. Nice work...!

thanks,,,everything works well :)

thanks... nice brada :)

Amazing! It works like a charm! Many many thanks!!!

thanks it worked!!!


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