Nokia Master reset code generator - Free, accurate and works for DCT3 mobiles

update on 23rd of Feb, 2012.

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Nokia Unlock Code / Master reset code generator


pls i want you to help me with ma fon's restriction code and unlock code. nokia 2730c with IMEI as35152304660652

I tried using the code generator but it gave me an incorrect code here is my imei number for my 2730c 353396048054345 please email the unlock code for me thanks in advance

i need restriction phone is nokia 2730c-1.code-0590863.type-RM-578.IMEI-354870/04/516076/7

I did some digging and realized that this doesn't work for phones with boards other than dct3.
I know a bit about dct4's algo but it needs more info beside IMEI. That means too much complicated algo. But I'm a kid.

Hope for your answer as soon as possible

pleaze i need help... i want to unlock my nokia 2730c too, my IMEI code is 351985049214775