Search Engine Optimization has respawn

Tue, 2015-02-24 11:13

Remember the age that you wrote a lot of keywrods, meta descriptions, and title tags that contained all the keywords? Remember those endless SEO tutorials you watched on YouTube? Search Google for "Wordpress SEO", and you will find several Wordpress plugins with catchy names that can put Apple's marketing team in shame.

Straight to the point, I am not optimizing my site for search engines anymore. There are many SEO companies that provide Search Engine Optimization services, let alone dedicated companies, but they can't help you to get your site to the top of Google results. We don't even have a concept of top Google result per se any more.

The old school SEO methods and gimmicks are not valid anymore. Search Engines have improved, and their algorithms have changed a lot to outsmart most of us. You have to play it smart and learn the new methods and procedures.

Search Results are personalized

The Privacy Experts &trademark; always say that Google is Evil, Facebook has no privacy, Go for alternative social networks, yada yada all the time. But the truth is, all of your Google search results are personalized for you.

This is a screenshot of what I get from Google when I search for "Flights" (Note that my nearest airport is Gaya, and the nearest big airport is Patna). See how personalized the results are? No matter how many h1 tags you have with "flights", or even if your domain name is, you can't simply compete with them.

Search results for \

If an Aviation engineer or an interested party did the same search, they will get results relevant to them. Search results are not all keyword based anymore. Don't waste your time on polluting your site with 1000 character descriptions and keywords. Do the game smartly.

Inbound links are not the same

Whenever I review my comment moderation queue (comments are automatically approved unless it contains indicators of spam), I feel bad about those stupid spams selling some drug to enlarge your genitals or to get a quick loan. There is always a context for inbound links. Don't just ask people to link to your site blindly. Links from link sharing sites can actually do more harm than good for your site.

Article writing, copy-cat posts, RSS Feeds are not worth it either

There are many SEO services, or what they want us to call them as, to write posts for your web site. That's plain ridiculous. If you have a SaaS, you need to hire someone qualified to maintain your company blog. Some random guy from Sri Lanka, India or Phillipe can't do it for you.
Google can index millions of pages, and there is no way Google has not indexed the original page before. So do everyone a favor and don't copy posts from other sites. You probably have dreams of earning money and living the life of Wolf of Wall Street. But an aggregator site can't help you in this case. You are only wasting your time.

Say hi to Semantic web!

You do not have to optimize your site for search engines. Just follow Semantic markup in your site. Use <article> tags, expose your data as Microdata or RDF, and always write original and content that are actually helpful. Search engines will do their job very well, and index your site content more carefully.

You cannot improve your site traffic just by "doing SEO". I would suggest you don't even think about it and just keep improving your site with clean markup and original content.