About me

Hi Again! I'm Ayesh Karunaratne, 24 years old, and from Kandy, Sri Lanka.
People call me fat, I truly am, but I live a wonderful life with pride in my weight.

I'm currently an undergraduate, with one year left to graduate. In the meantime, I develop great web sites, in most cases, based on Drupal. I have been using Drupal for more than 5 years now, and I find myself following best practices on security and performance.
I also review Drupal.org project applications, reply to questions on Drupal Answers, and spend time on IRC.

In the unlikely event that someone is interested in software, technologies and platforms I use: I'm using PHPStorm as my IDE, Git for version controlling, BitBucket to host the repositories, and Firefox as the web browser.

Other than coding, I love politics, photography, and to travel across the world. A friend of many solo travelers met in B&B hostels, drummer, food enthusiast and survival expert.

If you have any web development requirements, simply drop me a message with details. Just like the rest of 1 billion people, I'm also addicted to social media.

Drupal Association Individual Member