Autour de la France à vélo

Fri, 2018-06-01 20:37

I have been waiting a long time to write this post, and I'm quite happy to finally write this! For the past 2 years, I have been cycling in Vietnam, Indonesia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and it is time for the next trip. This time, to go around France, one of the best countries for biking!

I met an awesome biking partner, Justine, in Indonesia (while hiking Gunung Agung, an active volcano in Bali), and 30 minutes later into a quick chat, and we decided we will travel around Sri Lanka, continue to France, and then towards the US, to make this a trip in 3 continents!

We are in Sri Lanka, and we went 1700 km around Sri Lanka (while the weather wasn't helping), and we are on the edge to start the next part of our trip: cycling around France!

Justine was a firefighter in Paris, an awesome traveler, and have biked over 4,000 km in the US. She and I will continue an approximately 2,000 km trip around France this time. There are lots of things to plan around, and keep an eye for the updates on this blog and Whoasome.

Here are some photos from my last trip in Amsterdam -> Harlem -> Hague -> Delft -> Rotterdam -> Utretcht -> Amsterdam.

After completing the trip

For this trip, we will be taking the route shown in the map below:

If you are in France, or happen to bike there between June 26 - Aug 15, please drop us a message! We'd love to bike together, hit a bakery, or have some wine!