The Drupal Search -- Cross-browser custom-search-box

Sun, 2011-09-11 10:24

This small search addon will make your day-to-day surfing on easy. Simply click on the installation link below and if your browser is awesome, it will add the search box.

Once installed, you can quickly jump to modules' project pages, jump to forums, jump to pages faster, etc etc. It can even give famous people's profile pages, such as Dries, WebChick and many other awesome people there.

I love open source. but there's nothing interesting to open here. I just created an opensearch XML file to query Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" thing so as Google have indexed well, it can "understand" what you need. This search box adds drupal flavor automatically so searching for "Views" gives Views module's project page instead of Google search results(to test it, just type "Views" in and hit "I'm feeling lucky").

Hope you Drupalists find my stuff useful!
Installation link is below. I also created a video to show some funny things that you can do with it.

Click here to install


Get Firefox add-on